What is Bubble Tea?

New to the bubble tea craze and want to find out what bubble tea is?

We have put together a simplified guide below so you can find out what bubble tea is and why your boba tea lovers love it so much!

So, what is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a cold tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan 40 years ago. It typically consists of a milk tea base (milk powders) or non milk base (fruit syrups). The drink is popular in Asia where they use a brewed green or black tea base in their bubble tea recipes. There are a range of bubble tea toppings, the most popular in Asia being tapioca. However, since the bubble tea craze hit the UK the UK's topping of choice has become popping boba fruit pearls, also known as bursting juice balls, bubbles or pearls.

what is bubble tea?

What are Popping Boba Pearls?

Here at The TeaShed our popping boba contain real fruit juice for the best quality in flavour and texture. The boba pearls are made using a technique called spherification which encapsulates the fruit juice with a seaweed extract. This means that no gelatine is used and so vegans and vegetarians can enjoy our popping boba too! Plus! There are no artificial colours in our juice bubbles.

popping boba juice pearls


What are bubble tea powders and syrups?

Fruit syrups and bubble tea powders are used to create the main drink which the toppings are added to.
Our bubble tea fruit syrups are made using real fruit
juices for the most delicious natural flavour. The fruit syrups are a great choice for a bubble tea starter kit as they are super easy to use by mixing just with water or with a brewed tea base for a more authentic bubble tea flavour. Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy our fruit syrups too!
Bubble tea powders are the most popular option in Asia to create the bubble tea drink base as it has a full body flavour. The powders are a little trickier to use than the fruit syrups as they need to be made up into a paste first with hot water before they are shaken up with water, milk (optional) and ice. We offer two types of bubble tea powders, milk tea based or iced tea based. The milky powders can be used with milk to create a fuller flavours, whilst the iced tea powders should be used without.
Whatever your preference, we are sure to have your bubble tea flavour choice with our selection of supplies.

what are bubble tea powders and syrups

How to make bubble tea?

- First choose your TeaShed bubble tea kit or bubble tea gift set
- Make up your milk or iced tea base depending on whether you're using fruit syrups or powders
- Once your iced drink is poured into your bubble tea cup, included in your bubble tea kit, it's time to add your popping boba!
- Simply add a tablespoon of your preferred boba flavour to your drink and place on your bubble tea lid and pop in your straw
- Finally, admire your boba tea creation, suck your boba drink up through the chunky bubble tea straw and enjoy the burst of flavours and popping of boba in your mouth!


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