tea bags for boba tea at home

3 Ceylon Tea Bags for Bubble Tea

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Make boba drinks at home with our premium 100% Ceylon black tea

For all you bubble tea lovers, keep some tea bags in stock for when you need to whip up a bubble tea

You will receive: 3 x individually wrapped premium ceylon tea bags

Easy to use: Brew tea bag with 150ml boiling water and mix in some syrup to flavour your tea. Lastly and most importantly, don't forget to add your boba!

Great gifting ideas: Bubble tea adds fun to every special occasion! Make sure to add some tea bags if you are buying boba and syrups separately

Shop our range of bubble tea syrups and boba for everything you need to create your boba drinks at home.

Our bubble tea syrups are available in a range of fruity flavours and are used to flavour your tea. Also they are super simple to make! Instructions are included with the pack and how to make can be found on our 'what is bubble tea?'  page.


100% Ceylon tea


1. In a mug, brew a tea bag with 150ml boiling water
2. Stir the 30ml of syrup into your brewed tea
3. Fill a large glass with ice and pour over the tea mix
4. Top with cold water and stir to cool

Finally, spoon 1/3 of your pot of boba into the drink, pop in your straw, suck up your boba and enjoy!