Straws for bubble tea

Pack of 4 Bubble Tea Paper Straws

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Individually wrapped chunky Bubble Tea paper Straws

Sip bubble tea at home using our bubble tea straws!

You will receive: 4 individually wrapped biodegradable paper bubble tea straws

Make your very own bubble tea at home and enjoy it in a TeaShed bubble tea cup using a Bubble Tea Chunky Straw! These straws are big enough to let you suck up your fruity popping boba with every mouthful of bubble tea.

Follow this recipe to make some yummy bubble tea with bubble tea powder and juice pearls

For 1 bubble tea serving:

1. Steep 1 teabag in a measuring jug with 150ml of water which is hot but not boiling. Using water that is about 80 degrees C is best as boiling water will make green tea develop a bitter, astringent taste which we definitely don’t want! Let this brew for at least 3 minutes.

2. Add the tea into a bubble tea shaker. Spoon in a third of the bubble tea powder from the pack and stir.

3. Next measure 50ml of milk, 100ml of cold water and add to the tea mixture along with a couple of ice cubes.

4. Secure the lid of the bubble tea shaker and shake, shake shake!

5. Choose your favourite flavour of bursting boba fruit pearls and add a third of the tub into a bubble tea plastic cup, fix on the dome lid and enjoy using a bubble tea chunky straw.